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HEB Gathering May 1st 9AM

High Priests, Evangelists and Bishops! It’s time for our next HEB Gathering. Kris Judd will lead us in spiritual formation for all three HEB groups. Calling all High Priests, Evangelists and Bishops to a priesthood gathering. The HEB Event is rescheduled to Saturday,May 1 at 9:00 AM. Please join online here.  Or if you want to join […]

God Is Real And Can Be Experienced

God Is Real And Can Be Experienced The voice of the Lord is over the waters;   the God of glory thunders,   the Lord, over mighty waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful;   the voice of the Lord is full of majesty. Psalm 29:3-4 Many Christians have come to understand Biblical literalism as a problematic concept. If we attempt to read the Bible as a set of […]

I Can Only Imagine

I can only imagine, what it must have been like for those first disciples. Mary’s proclamation that she had seen the Lord, still ringing in their ears. They locked themselves in the house out of fear. Disturbing a grave was a serious offense, what would people say? Would they be accused? They locked the doors […]

Why Our Easter Celebration Must Continue

Are You Still Celebrating Eastertide? Are you still celebrating? We are in the midst of the 50-day Easter season known as Eastertide. For many of us in Community of Christ still becoming accustomed to the liturgical calendar, we are less familiar with the season of Eastertide than we are with the seasons of Advent or […]

Children and the Worth of All Persons

Children and the Worth of All Persons The worth of all persons is one of the enduring principles of the Community of Christ. Throughout the New Testament, the worth of all persons emerges as one of the central themes of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught an egalitarian ethic that transcended numerous societal barriers: […]

God Is Creator – Part II

God is Creator – Part Two In discussing God as Creator, we should now mention that God’s Will for the Earth is central to the Lord’s Prayer, that model prayer provided by Jesus:  ‘Pray then in this way:Our Father in heaven,   hallowed be your name.    Your kingdom come.   Your will be done,     on earth as it is in heaven.    Give […]

God is Creator – Part I

God is Creator – Part I From the very first verse of the Bible, Genesis 1:1, God is affirmed as Creator: “In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth…” The creation story is classified in literature as an “origin myth.” But the deeper spiritual truth in the story is profoundly important in Judeo-Christian […]


Forgiven! The Gospel of Luke tells of Jesus appearance to Cleopas and another disciple on the road to Emmaus, a village whose location is probably about 7-8 miles from Jerusalem. Cleopas and the other disciple, realizing they had seen Jesus on the Road to Emmaus and are told that Jesus also appeared to Peter, so […]

The Lord Is Peace!

The Lord Is Peace! Ancient conceptions of peace as recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures sometimes imagine peace as something that is obtained at the expense of one’s enemies essentially by obtaining victory over one’s foes. God was sometimes seen as the guarantor of peace as in the account of Gideon’s encounter with an angel in […]