January 23, 2022 Peace Moment

With news of North Korean missile launches my mind wanders again to the safety of the world.  With news of war breaking out again, my mind worries for the safety of people in these areas.  Living in a war zone never looks good on TV.   It is an experience that I never want to have.

Today’s prayer from England, calls us to rid our world of Violence and War.  Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are desperate for PEACE.  As we consider these questions by Angie Vickers, how will you respond?

Prayer of Peace for the Children

Angie Vickers (England)



Dad, what’s a bullet?

Mom, what’s a sword?

Grandma and Grandpa, what is a bomb? What is war? What is violence?                      

*   *   *      

Prayer for Peace:

Creator God,

We pray that someday in the future these will be the questions that our children will ask.  Not out of fear, but out of curiosity of things unfamiliar– things that for them will seem from a long-ago history.

Things that are not a part of their world.

What a world that would be, God, where peace is the norm! The world that you intend for us—where all the weapons have been converted into things like solar panels and wind turbines—things that are good for the earth and its people.  A world where all the churches and synagogues, mosques and temples are sanctuaries of reconciliation; not of political discord.

God, in this world we dream of, and pray for, all children will know what it’s like to have health care.

They will know doctors and nurses . . . and love.

They will have schools to attend with friends and teachers . . . and love.

They will have ministers, and rabbis, and other spiritual leaders . . . and         love.

No matter what the color of their skin, they will have unity in their diversity, and know the worth of every person.  We have faith, God, that one day they will know that world, your world, your peace.

In Christ’s name, may this be so,   Amen