January 9, 2022 Peace Moment

Filled with Expectation    Peace Moment by Jeannine Ward

I have had the joy of inviting people to Christ many times. In Luke 3, before we get to today’s scripture, we hear the story of the people listening to John the Baptist, as he declared a baptism of repentance and forgiveness of sins.  Then the crowd said, “What should we do?”  He called them to share clothing and food. Hopefully during this Christmas season, you were able to express generosity to those in need. At Northwest, we just successfully completed our GROW goal of collecting more than 100 items for winter warmth.  We will be sharing these with our neighbors through our little library, the homeless and refugees.  In Luke 3, Tax collectors and soldiers who came to be baptized were also asking John the Baptist, “What should we do?” John told them, “…only collect what is prescribed…be satisfied with your wages…”

At the beginning of this New Year, maybe you are asking God, “What should I do?”

First off, I would say, “be encouraged with Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace.” 

Second, I would ask, “Extend the Invitation to know the living Christ to 1 person this month.”  You never know when they will respond with a question or a “yes, I would like to know more.” This has been happening in Marshalltown, West Des Moines, Northwest and Indianola as discussions are underway and baptisms and confirmations are being celebrated.  When we have the chance to invite a friend and include them in our fellowship, then the joy overflows. 


Who is on your mind that needs an invitation to know the living Christ?

What should I do to extend Christ’s mission in my neighborhood?

Prayer for Peace

Loving God, we come in this quiet space with gratitude in our hearts.  We are so thankful that we can be together to worship.  Your care and concern for each of us gives us comfort and strength for the days ahead.  We know you love us and that we cannot be separated from this Great Love.   And this is what brings us inner peace.  Give us courage so that we can each extend the invitation to know you to others.  Put the words in our minds and on our tongues so we are always ready with an invitation to those around us.  May we walk in peace with you, O God, as we go through each new day.  May we be blessed with the Holy Spirit as our companion and guide and greet people we encounter daily with an invitation to peace. AMEN