Lamoni Heartland Youth Ministries

Community of Christ Lamoni Heartland Mission Center offers youth ministry programs, activities and resources. Our full-time and dedicated youth minister, Peter Jackel, works with congregations, families and our youth camping committee to provide meaningful opportunities for youth ministry to young people.

Senior High

Senior High Ministries include our popular camping program, SPECTACULAR at Graceland University, Weekend Ventures, and our weekly online meetings. Get active! Be involved! Contact Peter and say “I’m in!”

Junior High

Junior High Camp and Jr. High Retreat are a highlight of the year. In addition, we have weekly Zoom gatherings and other fun. Let Peter Jackel know if you want to get involved.

Camps and Retreats

Due to COVID-19, Camps and Retreats are subject to change. Some may be held online and others may need to be cancelled or postponed. Please check with youth minister Peter Jackel for the latest status of a specific activity. 1/6/2021.

January 1             Sr. High Yuletide Retreat(cont.)

March 6                Youth Camping Committee

April 30                Guthrie Grove Beautification Retreat

May 1                    Guthrie Grove Beautification Retreat

June 12-17            LHMC Reunion #1

June 26                 Jr. High Camp Staff Retreat         

June 27-30            Jr. High Camp           

July 1-3                 Jr. High Camp

July 3                    Sr. High Camp Staff Retreat         

July 4-10               Sr. High Camp                    

July 17-22             LHMC Reunion #2

July 16-23             Spectacular @ Graceland University SPEC Delegate Registration now open. Click here to register.

July 31                  Junior Camp Staff Retreat

August1-5             Junior Camp

August 6-8            Camp Just Do It

Sept 25                  Youth Camping Committee

October15-17       Northwest Congregation Retreat

November5-7       Jr. High Retreat

December29-30   Guthrie Grove Staff-In-Training (SIT)

December 30-31   Sr. High Yuletide Retreat