Disciple Development Education Scholarship Fund

The Lamoni Heartland Mission Center has established an Education Scholarship Fund (part of the funding comes from donations from the Tankersley family) to assist individuals in the Lamoni Heartland Mission Center with expenses such as registration fees/tuition, supplies, travel expenses, etc.  for furthering ministerial education opportunities offered by Community of Christ. Educational experiences such as, but not limited to, Conferences, Seminary, Temple School, Center for Innovation and Ministry classes (CIMM), Spiritual Formation Companionship program and other mission focused training.

 The Education Scholarship may distribute a maximum of up to $5,000 per calendar year to applicants on a first come, first serve basis.

The Disciple Development Fund (DDF) Education Scholarship Guidelines are as follows:


All Community of Christ participants within the Lamoni Heartland Mission Center shall be eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Education Fund to advance ministry in congregations and/or the LHMC.

Any costs for tuition, registration, books, materials, travel expenses, or other fees associated with an educational opportunity sponsored or authorized by Community of Christ or its affiliates and partners are eligible for reimbursement within the limits set forth below.

Application & Selection

An individual shall submit an application for funding assistance to the Education Scholarship Committee detailing the experience she/he will be attending, the costs of the experience, funding received from other sources, and the amount of funding requested from the education scholarship fund. Applications will be considered in the order they are received. The following limits will apply to funding requests.

An individual may receive up to:

 A – $1,000 maximum within one academic year for costs associated with Community of Christ Seminary courses. Applicant must list other current scholarships received to assist in Seminary expenses.
 B – $100 for each Community of Christ World, USA, or Field conference, training, or other educational experience.
 C – $50 for each Lamoni Heartland Mission Center conference, training, or  other educational experience.
 D – $100 in a calendar year for a disciple development experience sponsored by a Community of Christ affiliate or partner as approved by the mission center officers.

E-Education Scholarships will be limited to a maximum of $1,000 a calendar year per applicant for any combination of the above (A-D).

Fund Distribution Procedures

The Education Scholarship Committee will review each application and determine the amount of funding available to the individual for the given request. Once funding is approved, the individual will receive instructions for submitting receipt of payments for approved expenses. Upon receipt of request, the LHMC Financial Officer will process payment.

Recipient requirements

Recipients will submit no longer than a single page report to the Educational Scholarship Committee upon completion of a class. The report will include a brief description of what they learned and how they anticipate putting new knowledge into practice. This information may be shared at Mission Center Conference or included in Mission Center newsletters.

Apply online by completing the form by clicking here.