Our unique 7PM Sunday Evening MISSION INSPIRATION online worships provide members, friends and seekers a way to go deeper in their spiritual lives in a relaxed Sunday Evening Service format. At the end of a long weekend, MISSION INSPIRATION provides you with an opportunity to hear the stories of leading voices in Community of Christ as they share their testimonies. Since most Community of Christ congregations worship on Sunday mornings with themes centered around a primary reading from the Revised Common Lectionary, our MISSION INSPIRATION service focuses on a second reading from the week’s lectionary scriptures.

Lamoni Heartland Mission Center welcomes all to the Mission of Jesus Christ through the inclusive ministry of 19 congregations and numerous teams, task forces, and gatherings. As an inclusive community we joyfully affirm, welcome value and include leaders, members and guests from across the spectrums of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, economic status, and physical and mental abilities.

We offer a complete mission center support program to our congregations including youth ministry, camping programs, diversity training, peace and justice organizing, inclusive priesthood education, spiritual formation, poverty relief ministries, and seeker and disciple ministries. In harmony with other Christian denominations and the wider community of faith, we seek to engage the word in becoming more peaceful through dialogue, cooperation and transformative actions.

Community of Christ upholds five mission initiatives and nine enduring principles that build upon our basic beliefs.

As an inclusive community, we intentionally welcome and include all persons in the mission and life of the church. Community of Christ is a confessing peace church focused on sharing the love, hope, joy and peace of Jesus Christ through traditional ministries and new expressions.