October 24, 2021 Peace Moment

Peace Moment for Oct. 24, 2021

 By Deb Crowley

Hungers children, so innocent, so small, cry at our doors begging for bread.

    Lord, have mercy!

Children longing to learn, seeking teachers to show them ways to live and earn.

  Lord, have mercy!

Brothers and sisters stand at clinic doors waiting for medicine and vaccines to help them heal.

  Lord, have mercy!

Clean, pure, life sustaining water. Those in need plead for common resources to sustain and nourish the body.

  Lord, have mercy!

Deaf ears, silent complacency, misuse and abuse of power…barriers to those crying for basic necessities for life.

  Lord, have mercy!

They stand in our churches, hearing our prayers, seeking a God who understands and cares.

   Lord, have mercy!

Is there a God? Is there a God who loves the poor?

   Lord, have mercy!

Forgive our blindness. Forgive our inaction. Forgive our ignorance. Forgive our gluttony. Forgive our intolerance. Forgive our hoarding.

       Have mercy on us, O God.


For the times we flippantly choose to ignore your beloved who are in need, for the times we waste our resources on things that have no eternal value, for the ways we create waste and selfishly hoard resources, forgive us Lord.

Give us eyes to see, hearts to feel, ears to hear the pleadings of the cries around your world and to take whatever action we can to meet needs of the suffering and bring Christ’s peace to the world.

We ask humbly in the name of Jesus Christ who gave everything. Amen

(adapted from “I Am Standing Waiting” CCS 298)

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