Youth Ministry

Get involved in activities with your peers who are making our world a better place!

Community of Christ Lamoni Heartland USA Mission Center offers a variety of age-specific ministries for children, Jr. High, and Sr. High School age youth. Our youth ministry programs are designed to be fun, educational and most important of all meaningful. You can make a difference in our world!

In our various programs of camping, retreats, weekend Ventures service projects, fun/game nights, and more, you will be able to discover who you are and explore the meaning of God’s love for you. We believe that science and faith are compatible. Our enduring principles are great ways of knowing what truly matters in life.

Help us to change the world by pursuing peace, protecting the sacredness of creation, engaging in responsible choices, valuing the worth of all persons, experiencing continuing revelation, witnessing that all are called, uplifting unity in diversity, living grace and generosity, and sharing the blessings of community.

Kid’s Corner

Check here for the latest activities for grades 1-3 (JAM) and grades 4-6 (Jamboree).

Jr. High Chill Page

Ready to get involved in Jr. High activities with other Community of Christ kids in Jr. High just like you? This is the place for more info on stuff just for you.

Sr. High Hangout

This isn’t an obligation, it’s a cause you can believe in. A way of life that will change the world. And it’s fun and you het to hangout with other great youth just like you! Check it out!

Camps and Retreats

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List of Camps and Retreats

January 1             Sr. High Yuletide Retreat    (cont.)

March 6                Youth Camping Committee

April 30                Guthrie Grove Beautification Retreat    

May 1                    Guthrie Grove Beautification Retreat

June 12-17            LHMC Reunion #1

June 26                 Jr. High Camp Staff Retreat         

June 27-30            Jr. High Camp                    

July 1-3                 Jr. High Camp                    

July 3                    Sr. High Camp Staff Retreat         

July 4-10               Sr. High Camp                    

July 17-22             LHMC Reunion #2

July 24-31             Spectacular @ Graceland University

July 31                  Junior Camp Staff Retreat

August1-5             Junior Camp

August 6-8            Camp Just Do It

Sept 25                  Youth Camping Committee

October15-17       Northwest Congregation Retreat

November 5-7       Jr. High Retreat

December 29-30   Guthrie Grove Staff-In-Training (SIT)

December 30-31   Sr. High Yuletide Retreat