June 13, 2021 Peace Moment

For ­­­­­­­June 13, 2021 Prayer for Peace and Peace Moment with introduction


Each week we hear a Peace Moment in addition to the prayer for peace. Hopefully all will be blessed with these devotional thoughts.

This week’s Peace Moment is by Deb Crowley.

It was

A runaway foreigner with a speech impediment

A young boy who heard voices in the night

The lowliest of a clan of a dozen who spent his days watching over sheep

A young teenage virgin

It was

A lowly fisherman, a tax collector

            A prostitute with a bottle of expensive perfume

A self-righteous persecutor of Christians

A humble nun

It was

A female runaway slave

 A vegetarian Hindu

 An African American preacher

                         A fourteen year old seeker                

God calls whom God calls. God uses those who respond.

Persons who say “yes”

Not because they are wise

Not because they are educated

 Not because they are courageous

Simply because God called their name.

Called to work for justice,

Called to work for peace.

Called to serve humanity.

Called to serve neighbor with love.

Each “yes” and the world learned of peace.

God calls your name.

Is your response a “yes”?

Here am I, send me.

Please join me in our prayer for peace.

Oh God of the universe, times past, times present and times yet to come. You call our name. No resume asked for, no specific qualifications needed, simply a willingness to say “yes.”

Let us respond to the call not just once, but over and over and over again that we may be used as the hands and feet of Christ that nourish the world with your love, compassion, and grace.

May we be aware of the scope of your mercy for those whom you love across the globe. May we see beyond our own small space in our time and open our minds to the beauty you see as peace envelopes the world. Let us have the courage to follow as the Holy Spirit leads us into the known and unknown.

Here we are, Lord. Send us. Amen

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