June 20, 2021 Peace Moment

For ­­­­­­­June 20, 2021 Prayer for Peace and Peace Moment with introduction


Each week we hear a Peace Moment in addition to the prayer for peace. Hopefully all will be blessed with these devotional thoughts.

This week’s Peace Moment is by Lisa Stobbe.


In our world there are lots of difficult situations right now.  We are faced with concerns about health, economics, social justice and safety.  When we step out of our homes’ we encounter others who have different ideas, values and justifications for all the things that are happening.  How do we respond?  What is our motivation?  What is our reason for being where we are?  As I thought about these concerns and the scripture theme for today I realized that approaching each task, each conversation, each encounter in the name of the Lord will give new focus and new meaning to those things.  If I can truly go about my daily actions and come to each day and event in the name of the Lord, I can do anything.  I can make a difference and be a positive influence on a situation that might otherwise lead to anger, injury or further injustice.  Approaching each instance in the name of the Lord can bring inner peace and guide my actions in ways of peace.  When we work together in our own separate spheres of influence in the name of the Lord we will make a difference throughout the world. 

Please join me in our prayer for peace ritten by Diana Hansen and used by permission

Living Your Peace Prayer

Creator God,

Help us pursue your peace above our own.

Your peace resides with healing justice and offers wholeness to all.

Your peace includes us yet is not limited to any one group, or part of your creation.

Your peace is beyond us—beyond our cultures—beyond our self-interests.

Yet you trust us to care for it. You challenge us to nurture it.

From within the soil of our lives you call us to be gardener, caretaker, steward.

What we nurture is not our own yet springs forth from us—

An imperfect incarnation of your restoring and redeeming love—

Through our eyes, our hands, mouth, feet, and ears—You, with us.

Divine Creator, help us yearn, strive, and toil for your peace.

Living your peace, we fulfill your hope for us and faithfulness to us.

Living your peace, we become the answer to our prayer.

Help us make it so. Amen.

—Diana Hansen, used by permissionAdditional ideas for Prayer for Peace can be found at www.CofChrist.org/daily-prayer-for-peace.

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