May 16, 2021 Peace Moment

For May 16, 2021 Prayer for Peace and Peace Moment with introduction


Each week we will hear a Peace Moment in addition to the prayer for peace. Hopefully all will be blessed with these devotional thoughts.

This week’s Peace Moment is by Lisa Stobbe


Bless God’s People

Luke 24:43-52 IV depicts Jesus reassuring the disciples that the events that happened in his life were needed in order to fulfill the scriptures.  He taught them that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name. He blessed them and was taken from them up into heaven. 

We are called to be like Jesus.  We too should bless God’s people.  Like the question of who is my neighbor, the questions who are God’s people can be asked.  The answer is the same.  All people are our neighbors and all are God’s people.  When we do things that help others we are blessing God’s people.  We can bless them directly by helping in a shelter, serving at a soup kitchen, volunteering in a school. 

By using our gifts to comfort the sick, to visit the lonely and to make changes in social situations where others are being unjustly burdened.  In all we do we can seek to Bless God’s People.  Go in Peace.

Please join me in the prayer for peace.

God of the Peaceful Reign on Earth,
We come from our daily lives to pray that the light of peace will heal the dark places of the Earth. Be with us as we worship as one and thereby become the light we are called to be. Amen.

Prayers and Readings for Worship, ed. Peter Judd Herald House: Independence, 1996, p. 14, adapted

For additional ideas, the Daily Prayer for Peace service offered at the Temple in Independence, Missouri, USA, can be found at

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