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Green Congregation Checklist and Other Ideas

I participated in a learning and a worship experience with Evangelist Susan Oxley today who shared insight into Earth Stewardship, Sacredness of Creation and Climate Change. Susan is a member of the North America Climate Justice Team, an ad hoc committee of Community of Christ members; and Susan is also a former Apostle and current […]

A Fish Breakfast by the Galilee

A Fish Breakfast by the Galilee The 21st chapter of the Gospel of John provides a peculiar ending to the story of Jesus. Even as a resurrection appearance story it is unusual. While Matthew and Luke’s gospels tell of the ascension, John simply ends the story with Jesus having breakfast by the lake in the […]

Journey in the Mystery of God

Journey in the Mystery of God Steve Veazey, President of Community of Christ, recently shared in an interview with Linda Booth on the Project Zion Podcast in a very interesting discussion that touched on spirituality: I think it’s proven that hard times cause more people to spiritually yearn to seek God for help and hope […]

Pursue Peace on Earth!

Pursue Peace on Earth! We see it on Christmas cards every year: “Peace on Earth!” But what would the world look like if individuals, congregations and communities truly pursued peace on earth? Is it important to “pursue peace on earth?” The reason Community of Christ pursues Christ’s mission to pursue peace on earth is deeply […]

God Is Real And Can Be Experienced

God Is Real And Can Be Experienced The voice of the Lord is over the waters;   the God of glory thunders,   the Lord, over mighty waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful;   the voice of the Lord is full of majesty. Psalm 29:3-4 Many Christians have come to understand Biblical literalism as a problematic concept. If we attempt to read the Bible as a set of […]

Why Our Easter Celebration Must Continue

Are You Still Celebrating Eastertide? Are you still celebrating? We are in the midst of the 50-day Easter season known as Eastertide. For many of us in Community of Christ still becoming accustomed to the liturgical calendar, we are less familiar with the season of Eastertide than we are with the seasons of Advent or […]

What Should Christians Believe About Mental Illness?

What Should Christians Believe About Mental Illness? Those who know me best may realize this is not the sort of question I pose. I do not suggest that there is one uniform belief about mental illness that ought to be held by those who follow Jesus teachings and consider themselves Christians. Nevertheless, many spiritual and […]

God Is Creator – Part II

God is Creator – Part Two In discussing God as Creator, we should now mention that God’s Will for the Earth is central to the Lord’s Prayer, that model prayer provided by Jesus:  ‘Pray then in this way:Our Father in heaven,   hallowed be your name.    Your kingdom come.   Your will be done,     on earth as it is in heaven.    Give […]