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Pray for Peace in Ukraine

Urgent Prayers Needed for Peace in Ukraine (From World Church Communications) Community of Christ joins our voice with other people and groups around the world in an appeal for peace for Ukraine and Russia. We uphold the Worth of All Persons and the Pursuit of Peace (Shalom) throughout the world and offer our prayerful support […]

Pursue Peace on Earth!

Pursue Peace on Earth! We see it on Christmas cards every year: “Peace on Earth!” But what would the world look like if individuals, congregations and communities truly pursued peace on earth? Is it important to “pursue peace on earth?” The reason Community of Christ pursues Christ’s mission to pursue peace on earth is deeply […]

I Can Only Imagine

I can only imagine, what it must have been like for those first disciples. Mary’s proclamation that she had seen the Lord, still ringing in their ears. They locked themselves in the house out of fear. Disturbing a grave was a serious offense, what would people say? Would they be accused? They locked the doors […]

The Lord Is Peace!

The Lord Is Peace! Ancient conceptions of peace as recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures sometimes imagine peace as something that is obtained at the expense of one’s enemies essentially by obtaining victory over one’s foes. God was sometimes seen as the guarantor of peace as in the account of Gideon’s encounter with an angel in […]

On Easter Monday, Are We True Easter People?

On Easter Monday, Are We True Easter People? Easter has come and gone. We prepared the Easter eggs, decorated the house, attended the in-person or online services, heard the sermon, ate the bread and drank the wine. But are we changed? Are we, to use hymnist Shirley Erena Murray’s phrase, “true Easter people?” That depends […]

Mondays in Lent: Lenten Readings

Each Monday, the Lamoni Heartland USA Diversity Team will publish a Lenten Reading. When I first prepared a Lenten Calendar and distributed it door-to-door in the neighborhood around my congregation, I had no idea if it would reach anyone in a meaningful way. The calendars drew attention to ideas for Lenten practices each day in […]