January 10 HEB Gathering

Our first “HEB” meeting is set for January 10th, 3 p.m. via Zoom. One of the first items covered will be how to use Zoom! If you need any help ahead of time, please be sure to reach out to Glenn or one of us.

 Ideas for HEB gatherings is four fold:

  1. Fellowship—getting to know and support one another
  2. Education—explore topics relevant to our ministry
  3. Empowerment—what is needed to pursue mission?
  4. Formation—going deeper with the Spirit

Thank you for your rich servanthood and the blessing you bring to God’s people. We look forward to gathering to brainstorm and explore ways of service to pursue the mission of Jesus Christ.


High Priest Deb Crowley
Evangelist Kris Judd
Bishop Jane McDonald