Spiritual Formation Center

Are you familiar with the Community of Christ Spiritual Formation Center and Spiritual Formation Team? Evangelist Kris Judd of Northwest Congregation is a member of the World Church Spiritual Formation Team, a leader in the Order of Evangelists and is a great resource for us in the mission center too.

Spiritual Formation Ministries seeks to awaken disciples to the Divine Presence in the midst of everyday life. Through attention to God’s Spirit, we discern invitations to share our witness and love in the world around us. Spiritual practices, retreats, and other formational opportunities deepen our capacity to follow Christ on the inward and outward mission of embodying God’s shalom. 

The purpose of the Spiritual Formation Team is to provide opportunities for spiritual education, training, and formation throughout the church. The team’s primary focus has been the creation of a three-year Spiritual Formation and Companioning Program.

The world church website also offers spiritual formation practices resources.